The Zap Show is a 3 (and often 5) piece wonder trap raised on the streets of Berlin. Beginning when two Australians and one Greek guru discovered their shared love of swing, smiles and the absurd, the group has coalesced to become an edge of seat surprise factory brimming with the exotic. Expect tap dancing, confetti, puppets and percussive rubber animals accompanied by original jazz tunes outlining the more humorous sides of the truth.


A multi instrumental vibe machine, song writer, smile invitationalist and dance floor motivator


Sequined showgirl meets sideshow superstar, this costumed chameleon oozes class, quirk and carries a bottomless bag of tricks everywhere she goes


A creator of smile waterfalls and many tears of mirth, this afro toting mythical Greek legend is notorious for stomping on chickens in his spare time